Michael Smyth CBE

Michael Smyth

Michael Smyth was for many years a partner in the leading law firm Clifford Chance and Global Head of Public Policy and Government Relations. He is now a Senior Adviser to Quiller Consultants and a member of the Press Complaints Commission.

His extensive legal experience has included running public inquiries in the UK (including the Hutton Inquiry (2004) and Deepcut Review (2006)) and abroad (including in Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands). He has also led successful cases before the world’s leading courts and tribunals, including the Court of Appeal, the House of Lords, the Privy Council, the UK Supreme Court, the European Court of Human Rights, the US Supreme Court and the Netherlands Arbitration Institute, with more than 30 cited decisions.

Michael is also Visiting Professor at Queen Mary College, University of London and the University of Essex and Associate Fellow the University of Cambridge Centre for Public Law. As well as contributing to professional journals and appearing in the media, he has written Business and the Human Rights Act (2000) and Fraud, The Media and Reputation (a chapter he co-authored in International Commercial Fraud, 2001). He is one of the authors of a new work on the Law of Political Donations to be published next year.

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