While SCT’s emphasis is focused very much on the promotion of face-to-face discussion, it has always intended to use the internet as a means of stimulating informed public debate and maximising participation in the Speakers’ Corner project. SCT has therefore introduced two new features to this website, a Forum for Debate which showcases contrasting arguments on a range of important issues of lasting significance and Occasional Essays which provide the opportunity for authors to develop their arguments at greater length. Both, it is hoped, will help to stimulate interest, deliberation and debate both online and face-to-face.

  • Forum for Debate

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    SCT's Forum for Debate provides protagonists on either side of an issue or debate - including think tanks, commentators, academics and campaigners - with an opportunity to set out their well-considered, rational arguments and then allow a limited number of exchanges between them. Rather than then hosting an open forum or blog, the debates are designed to encourage visitors, guided by links provided by the British Library, to seek out further information about the issues and engage in face-to-face debate themselves. The debates could also provide material around which Speakers’ Corner Committees can organise their own local events. A wide range of further reading, from online sources to newspaper articles, journals and books, can be found in the British Library Bibliography.
  • Occasional Essays

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    The Forum will also feature occasional essays of varying length and on a wide variety of topics as a means of informing and stimulating discussion and debate. SCT would like to hear from authors who may be interested in featuring their ideas here.
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