Guidance Notes

SCT has drafted a range of guidance notes designed to help those who are thinking of starting or participating in a local Speakers’ Corner project as well as those whose project is already up and running.

  • Getting Started

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    If you are an individual or a local organisation interested in starting a Speakers’ Corner initiative in your community, this advice should help.

  • Speakers’ Corner Committees

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    The Speakers’ Corner Committee is at the heart of each local project. What does it do, who should be represented on it and what are its members’ roles?

  • Planning Events

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    Speakers’ Corner Committees, as groups of volunteers, do not necessarily have to take the main burden in organising events. Every community has a huge range of membership, interest, community and voluntary organisations which, particularly at certain times of the year, are looking for platforms on which to promote their causes or mount their campaigns. Networking is the key.

  • Organising Events

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    With a little planning and a handy checklist, organising events ought not to be too daunting. This guidance also includes basic advice on public liability issues which could arise in a limited range of circumstances.

  • Conducting Events

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    Freedom of expression is not something which should be constained by rules, other than the law. But a little common sense planning can help to ensure that everyone enjoys an equal right to exercise their rights without infringing those of others.

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