Conducting Events

Freedom of expression is not something which should be constained by rules, other than the law. But a little common sense planning can help to ensure that everyone enjoys an equal right to exercise their rights without infringing those of others.

  • Speakers’ Corner Protocols

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    Speakers’ Corners as civic spaces have very considerable symbolic as well as actual value. They not only represent the rights of citizens to free expression and assembly but also provide a platform for the exercise of those freedoms.

    But in planning and managing Speakers’ Corners it is important to recognise that freedoms are not absolute and that when different rights or the rights of different people compete, or occasionally conflict, balances have to be struck.

  • Speakers’ Corner – Code of Conduct

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    Speakers’ Corners are public spaces over which a Speakers’ Corner Committees have no jurisdiction. Committees therefore cannot make (much less police) enforceable ‘rules’ – and may in any event consider that framing rules about the conduct of free expression would be inappropriate.

    But Speakers’ Corner Committees may wish to adopt brief Codes of Conduct as simple reminders to people using Speakers’ Corners of the need to behave considerately and cooperatively, within the spirit of the Speakers’ Corner initiative.

  • Notes for Moderators and Speakers

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    Speakers’ Corner events are intended to be relaxed, inclusive events. But informailty sometimes takes a little organisation.

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