Organising Events

With a little planning and a handy checklist, organising events ought not to be too daunting. This guidance also includes basic advice on public liability issues which could arise in a limited range of circumstances.

  • Organising Speakers’ Corner Events

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    Speakers’ Corner Committees are voluntary bodies and often will not be able to call on professional support staff to organise events. So far as possible, having agreed a programme, they should enlist existing organisations and networks to help design and plan events. Partnership will not only reduce the burden of administration, but also significantly enhance the quality and likely success of the events themselves.

  • ‘Pop-Up’ Speakers’ Corner Events

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    The fact that Speakers’ Corner Committee members are busy people with limited time to devote to organising events doesn’t mean they can’t develop a really worthwhile programme. Even if the project has a volunteer or paid part-time coordinator, successful events don’t necessarily depend on complicated arrangements over lengthy periods. Nor do they always require enormous effort to attract participants and an audience.

  • Speakers’ Corner Event Checklist

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    Organising an event? Here’s a handy checklist.

  • Speakers’ Corners and Public Liability Insurance – Questions, Answers and Advice

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    Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement. But it may be advisable in certain circumstances to ensure that cover is in place to meet any claims for negligence resulting in accident, loss or injury arising from an event at a Speakers’ Corner. Much will depend on local circumstances as to whether cover is advisable and who should arrange it.

  • Licensing Issues

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    It is unlikely that in normal circumstances a licence would be required to cover activities at a Speakers’ Corner. However, there are some, most likely organised, events which might require one. This note offers guidance on when and how to apply for a licence.

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