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‘Pop-Up’ Speakers’ Corner Events

Speakers’ Corner events don’t necessarily demand lengthy, complicated or time-consuming organisation. The ‘pop-up’ Speakers’ Corner can be a key feature of a lively and varied programme.

The fact that Speakers’ Corner Committee members are busy people with limited time to devote to organising events doesn’t mean they can’t develop a really worthwhile programme. Even if the project has a volunteer or paid part-time coordinator, successful events don’t necessarily depend on complicated arrangements over lengthy periods. Nor do they always require enormous effort to attract participants and an audience.

The ‘pop-up’ Speakers’ Corner, for example, can have significant impact with relatively little organisation. Typically it takes place alongside a much bigger event which perhaps does require considerable planning and promotion, though by its own organisers. The Speakers’ Corner will certainly benefit from that work but it will also add a new dimension and additional value to it, to everyone’s advantage.

All that’s required is a portable Speakers’ Corner – or some other form of small platform and signage so that the initiative is visible and attractive. If it can be promoted in the main event’s literature and publicity and perhaps also on the day, so much the better.

A wide range of events could provide the setting for a pop-up Speakers’ Corner, especially if it’s themed to match the participants or the issues in which they’re interested.

A pop-up event of no more than an hour – and often shorter – could be

What’s required? Not much other than

With a little forward planning, it really doesn’t take much to create a really worthwhile event – or indeed a lively and varied programme of events throughout the year.