Speakers’ Corner Event Checklist

This checklist may not be an exhaustive guide to organising a meeting but it should help!

Organising Sponsor
Key Contact
Contact Details
Start Time
End Time
Chair / Moderator
Speaker(s) 1
Venue Capacity
Ideal Attendance 2
Anticipated Attendance – by invitation or networking 3
Supporting Organisations (if any) 4
Additional Promotion / Publicity Required 5
Ticketing Arrangements 6
Proposed Refreshments (if any)
Special Requirements (if any -amplification/overheads etc) 7
Assistance Required 8

[1] Speakers are not always necessary but in some cases can help stimulate discussion.

[2] Though attendance should be sufficient to provide the ‘critical mass’ required to make the event a success, maximising numbers is not always desirable, especially if it excludes some from participating; a balance should be struck between quantity and quality.

[3] How many people do you think you can attract through personal contact or organisational networks?

[4] Which bodies, organisations or networks are helping you plan the event and attract attendance?

[5] In order both to boost attendance (if required) and to enable members of the public to attend, do you have any plans to publicise the event more widely?

[6] In order to avoid overflow or for security reasons, will you require members of the public to register in advance and, if so, are you able to make the appropriate arrangements?

[7] The less technology the better as a rule but it may sometimes be necessary.

[8] Do you need help with any of the above – or anything else?

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