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Here you will find video and sound recordings of news reports about SCT, Speakers’ Corner events and other features including the Speaking Out download which introduces the skills required for effective speaking in public.

  • Speaking Out

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    Everyone has good ideas and strong opinions. But few have the confidence or experience to communicate them to others. Jointly commissioned with the Southbank Centre and made by Sam Lawlor, ‘Speaking Out’ provides a fifteen-minute introduction to the basic skills required to speak confidently and effectively in public. Featuring the experiences and advice of a range of performers, campaigners, artists and politicians, it encourages every one of us to take the next opportunity to have our say!

  • Leicester Speaks

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    Leicester Speaks is an inspirational five minute film which wonderfully captures the spirit of seven days of activities which took place during Local Democracy Week in Leicester in October 2010.

  • Des Coleman – Inspired to Speak!

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    The celebrated actor and TV presenter Des Coleman is certainly inspired to speak – and, in a film made by Jade Worsley and Hannah Lupton of Nottingham Trent University, he took to the Speakers’ Corner in Nottingham to inspire others.

  • Roadtesting the Speakers’ Corner Site at Lincoln’s Cornhill

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    Three students of Lincoln University, Scott Farrow, Steph Grove and Meghan Fowles, filmed colleagues as they roadtested two sites at Cornhill in Lincoln’s city centre, the scene of huge Suffragette rallies a hundred years ago. The Speakers’ Corner Committee subsequently decided to create its Speakers’ Corner on the High Street part of Cornhill.

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  • The Inauguration of Nottingham’s Speakers’ Corner

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    A film of the inauguration by Justice Secretary Jack Straw of the Speakers’ Corner site in Nottingham on 26 February 2009, made by Stuart Howells of Nottingham Trent University.

  • The Launch of Nottingham’s Speakers’ Corner

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    A film by Simone Jaeger of the launch of Nottingham’s Speakers’ Corner on 22 February 2008, featuring footage of the launch ceremony, the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ debate and interviews.

  • Eddie Izzard’s Message to Nottingham

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    Eddie Izzard’s video message of support to mark the launch of Nottingham’s Speakers’ Corner on 22 February 2008, filmed after a gig in the Soho Arts Club, London.

  • Eddie Izzard’s Politics Show Interview

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    Eddie Izzard’s interview with Jon Sopel on BBC1′s Politics Show on 17 February 2008 in the run-up to the launch of Nottingham’s Speakers’ Corner.

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