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SCT Advises on The ‘People’s Platform’ at New York’s Historic Federal Hall

December 2016

SCT is working with the National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy (Harbor Conservancy) on the multi-million dollar restoration of Federal Hall, one of New York’s – and the United States’ – most iconic national memorials.

Federal Hall stands on the site on Wall Street where George Washington was inaugurated as the first US President and where the first Federal Congress of the United States established the American system of government and conceived the Bill of Rights which has promoted and protected the liberties of American citizens fever since.

The original building was demolished in 1812 and the one which stands there now was conceived in the mid-nineteenth century as an architectural embodiment of the democratic ideal, drawing inspiration not only from the American past but also from the Parthenon of ancient Athens and the Pantheon of republican Rome.

Now the Harbor Conservancy in partnership with the National Park Service has launched an ambitious plan for the regeneration of Federal Hall. At its heart lies a visionary proposal to create the People’s Platform, a new forum for free expression and debate which in honouring America’s democratic past, will establish an important new platform for its future.

SCT has been commissioned to develop a coordinated program of public events on the steps of the building and in its Grand Rotunda, designed to make Federal Hall a global symbol of the free society and an inspirational forum for the exercise of the rights to free expression and to open, tolerant and enriching public debate.

Plans are currently being developed and will be further refined as partners and collaborators are identified and more information will follow here in due course.

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