SCT is a small charity which seeks wherever possible to increase the scope and effectiveness of its work by teaming up with other organisations. SCT is currently working with the Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds on the development of its educational programme and is developing a collaborative relationship with the WEA. From October 2008, SCT has been working with Central St Martins College of Art  & Design, part of the University of the Arts in London, to contribute to thinking on the development and use of public spaces in our towns and cities and to create a series of generic designs for Speakers’ Corners. 

The ICS, formed in 1988, can trace its roots to 1963 when the Centre for Television Research was set up. The Institute of Communications Studies has been designated a Panasonic Centre for Digital Excellence. As a major research led department in a leading UK university with some 50 staff and research students the ICS has been commissioned to undertake research by the European Union, the BBC, Cable and Wireless, the Economic and Social Research Council, the Independent Television Commission and more.

SCT is working with an ICS team led by Professor Stephen Coleman on the Expressing Citizenship project which will create innovative learning and teaching resources designed to help young people develop speaking and listening skills. The project is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

From its beginnings in 1754 through to the current day, the RSA has continued to make a difference by encouraging and supporting innovation and creativity throughout society. 250 years are its foundation, the RSA is working with Fellows to transform the organisation into a dynamic hub for civic innovation. Together, we are exploring new ways of engaging and empowering Fellows to become active change makers through the development of new RSA networks. One such initiative, which was used to support SCT’s project in Nottingham, is the Coffee House Challenge, an initiative promoted in 2007 about getting local people to come together over coffee to talk about community issues they care about and to take action for local change.
Central Saint Martins College, University of the Arts London and its Widening Participation Unit are pleased to be collaborating with the Speakers Corner Trust to which we bring our expertise and passion around designing spaces that promote positive interaction between people. In our partnership with SCT we focus our activity on schools and FE colleges as part of our wide-ranging efforts to increase the proportion of working class young people entering arts higher education and the creative and cultural industries.
The Southbank Centre and SCT worked with an independent film maker on Speaking Out,  a downloadable ‘master class’ providing an introduction to the skills and techniques required for speaking in public.
The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and one of the world’s greatest libraries. We hold over 13 million books, 920,000 journal and newspaper titles, 57 million patents, 3 million sound recordings, and much more. We collect across all subjects, in many languages and from countries across all continents. Our task is to ensure that the knowledge contained within our collections can be used now and in the future. We do this through our Reading Rooms in London and Boston Spa, exhibitions, online digital projects, events and other activities.  

We are pleased to be collaborating with Speakers’ Corner Trust, to provide further reading information for Forum for Debate topics. The bibliographies will describe recent publications, written for people interested in a particular subject (specialists and non-specialists alike), and identify resources which are widely available. Through this collaboration, we will encourage people to use our collections to enrich their understanding of the world and some of the issues that affect the way we live.

nef (the new economics foundation) is an independent think-and-do tank that inspires and demonstrates real economic well-being. We aim to improve quality of life by promoting innovative solutions that challenge mainstream thinking on economic, environment and social issues. We are unique in combining rigorous analysis and policy debate with practical solutions on the ground, often run and designed with the help of local people. We also create new ways of measuring progress towards increased well-being and environmental sustainability.

SCT worked with nef on a community-based project in rural Herefordshire.

The Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) is the UK’s largest voluntary-sector provider of adult education. Founded in 1903 to support the educational needs of working men and women who could not afford to access further or higher education, the WEA remains a democratic, voluntary adult education movement, committed to widening participation and to enabling people to realise their full potential through learning.It maintains its special mission to provide educational opportunities to adults facing social and economic disadvantage through courses created and delivered in response to local need, often in partnership with local community groups and organisations. Fundamental to the WEA’s approach is the commitment to creating equality and opportunity and the conviction that learning can change and enrich lives at both individual and community levels.

SCT and the WEA are collaborating on an initiative designed to deliver, through the WEA, a range of learning opportunities to enable people to develop confident and knowledgeable speaking and listening skills, and with SCT’s support, create their own forums for debate and platforms for expression.

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