Speakers Corner Trust is a registered charity actively engaged in finding ways to promote and protect opportunities to discuss and debate.

Since 2007, SCT has worked to create opportunities for the free, face-to-face exchange of ideas, information and opinions, believing that this is a key to rebuilding trust and participation in our democracy, and to creating a stronger and a happier society.

The Trust was started by a group who feared for the potential loss of citizens’ abilities to engage in open public debate. In creating new opportunities for people to come together to discuss their interests and priorities and by providing new platforms for unmediated expression and engagement, we are tapping into that reservoir of ideas, intelligence and community spirit which make neighbourhoods, cities and societies viable.

Establishing 15 local Speakers’ Corners, publishing online debates and resources, and providing expert commentary in speeches, lectures and the media have underpinned its work.

The Trust is currently undergoing a review of how its activities will best meet the needs of society faced with rapid changes in the way we communicate.

The national website www.speakerscornertrust.org.uk carries 10 years’ worth of valuable resources, guidance and information that anyone, including teachers and educators, can draw from.