SCT’s Director – Bryn Harris

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Bryn Harris is SCT’s new director, having worked as its new projects director on a pro bono basis.

Bryn has developed two major projects which mark important new departures for SCT. The first, which considers the current quality of online political debate and how to improve it, will be the focus of a symposium which is being co-organised with the Oxford Internet Institute and will take place in 2016. The second proposes to augment SCT’s current Forum for Debate with a series of filmed debates on a range of public policy issues. This initiative is to be piloted in partnership with a leading broadsheet newspaper in late 2015.

Prior to working with SCT, Bryn completed a doctorate in Classics at the University of Oxford and is now preparing his thesis for publication with the Oxford University Press. He also worked as a researcher at the Oxford English Dictionary. As of October 2015 he is training to be a barrister.

You can read Bryn’s blog, Wild and whirling words, here.

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