Planning Events

Speakers’ Corner Committees, as groups of volunteers, do not necessarily have to take the main burden in organising events. Every community has a huge range of membership, interest, community and voluntary organisations which, particularly at certain times of the year, are looking for platforms on which to promote their causes or mount their campaigns. Networking is the key.

  • Working with Community Groups and Voluntary Organisations

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    There are extensive networks of voluntary groups and organisations in every community. Each is a potential partner in a Speakers' Corner event and many are actively seeking to raise their profile or promote their cause and will welcome the platform a Speakers' Corner project can provide.
  • Calendar of Annual Events

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    If you are a Speakers' Corner Committee looking for a topic for a debate or an organisation to take the lead in it - or if you are a local group looking for a platform, there may be a day, a week or a month every year when it's particularly appropriate to organise an event. Nottingham City Council drew up a calendar for 2008 which provides invaluable guidance.
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