The Composition of Speakers’ Corner Committees

Each local Speakers’ Corner Committee will be composed differently to reflect the range of public, private and voluntary bodies and groups which make up the local community. So there is no standard model for a Speakers’ Corner Committee but the composition of the original Nottingham Committee may provide helpful guidance.

The Nottingham Committee comprises representatives of

The Public Sector

Nottingham City Council (member and officer)

Nottingham Police


New College (of Further Education)

Nottingham University

Nottingham Trent University

Learning & Skills Council

The Voluntary Sector & Amenity Groups

Nottingham Council for Voluntary Service

National Centre for Citizenship & the Law

Nottingham Civic Society

Interfaith Council

Community Groups

Bulwell Vision

St Anne’s Local Implementation Group

Neighbourhood Development Company

The Private Sector


Berryman Solicitors

Grant Thornton

Chamber of Commerce


Nottingham Youth Council

Nottingham Member of the Youth Parliament

Arts & Media

Nottingham Playhouse

Royal Society of Arts (East Midlands)

Nottingham Evening Post

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