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The Team

The team behind Lueneburg Speakers’ Corner

An enterprising group of students from Leuphana University has established a Speakers’ Corner – or, in German, Rede Ecke – in the heart of the historic city of Lüneburg in northern Germany. Their initiative is part of a project on cultural and social sustainability and an important element of their political science studies.

Alexander Schwake

Alexander Schwake draws a crowd

They’ve already held two successful events, in May and June 2017, and are planning to organise more on a monthly basis over the summer.

Dominique Haas, one of the founders, said:

“Our aim is to create a platform for people to speak up about their ideas, opinions and concerns and raise issues which need to be discussed and debated. We’re all very excited and encouraged by what we’ve been able to achieve so far.”


Peter Bradley takes questions – mostly about Brexit!

SCT’s director Peter Bradley, who spoke at their second event on 24 June, said:

“This was a really successful and enjoyable event with two hours of lively debate between the platform and the public. Despite the persistent drizzle and the fact that for much of the time we were speaking in English, it was great to see so many passers-by stopping and listening with obvious interest.

“This is a really promising beginning and I’m full of admiration for the young people who’ve had the imagination, drive and determination to make this idea happen.”

Lüneburg im Wandel

Lüneburg im Wandel dress for the occasion

Also speaking on 24 June was aspiring politician Alexander Schwake, who eloquently set out his vision for Lüneburg and fielded many searching questions from his audience. He commented:

“This was a really important exercise in democracy. It’s how politics should be and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ll be back for more!”

And to close the event, environmentalists Lüneburg im Wandel took to the platform to promote the cause of  urban gardening and encourage the public to get involved in the projects they’re undertaking in local parks.

We are pleased to say that the project continues to grow. Check out the Lüneburg Speakers’ Corner Facebook page and their website.

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